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Equipment of our surf school

We’ve got all kinds of surf boards at the Christophe Reinhardt Quiksilver surf school.
Whatever your level, whether its for one off lessons or courses, beginners or advanced, shortboards or longboards...
For all levels and physiques. We also provide Quiksilver or Roxy wetsuits for the duration of your course, for children and adults.

The boards and wetsuits are loaned with no extra charge when you take a class, or a course or come to surf camp.

Surfboards for first timers and beginners

Planches Surface pour l'initiation et les débutants
Surface boards, soft foam boards with safe, soft and flexible fins. These surfboards are great for starting out..

Surfboards for intermediate and advanced surfers

Planches Sunset pour débutants confirmés et le perfectionnement
Sunset surfboards: soft tops, foam coated.

Advanced surfboards

Planches de perfectionnement Planches de perfectionnement Planches de perfectionnement Planches de perfectionnement

Quiksilver and Roxy wetsuits

Combinaisons Roxy et Quiksilver pour enfants et adultes

The Bidart and Guethary Quiksilver Surf School loans these wetsuits and surfboards free of charge during classes, courses and surf camps. They're available for children and adults.